Everybody knows how much our cats like to climb, jump and explore and our curtains and couches know that too.

cat furniture

They experience the territory, leave scratches and relax in raised areas. It’s a need that all cats share and it often clashes with what we allow them to do in our homes; AthletiCat is focused on their well-being, so we’ve decided to build structures that allow them to express their natural instincts of hunting, exploring and controlling the territory.

Our structures are all handmade and crafted, with great attention to detail: we use atoxic paint, washable components and, most importantly, they are totally customizable.


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You can create paths with spots where your cat can eat, rest or play with little obstruction, as most of our products are placed on walls; you can design a real cat gym at your home.

Our goal is to make your fluffy friends happy, combining functionality with beauty, designing a cat friendly house, because you know… it’s cats who are in charge of our homes!

Attention to detail


Cat shelf with bowls

Excellent workmanship and customer service. A+ from Petit Jean.

Leona Lo
Wooden Shelf for cats

At last we’ve finished the decorating and mounted it! It is in prime position in our hall, outside the bedroom, bathroom and lounge / diner, so Lily can be “worshipped” as we pass.

Cat shelf with bowls

Excellent quality; clear instructions for mounting and good communication throughout!

Wooden cat scratcher

Wonderful handmade scratching post for my kittens! A great object for the cats and a design object for the home. I put it in the dining room: it’s fantastic! It’s painted with natural colors so your cat is safe! they have supported me and have given a supreme service, delivery in only one day with carrier!


Fantastic high quality product, both aesthetically pleasing and really sturdy: my cats are in love with this ladder. The materials are extra fine, the rope is truly bite-proof (my cat Loki repeatedly tested its resistance chewing it 😉). Highly suggested purchase!

Cat bridge wooden

Very well made and with good quality. Easy to put on the wall. Thank you!! 🙂

Galya Niv
Wall mounted cat scratcher

Thank you so much for that amazing wall scratcher! It’s perfect & the cats love it!

Wooden cat scratcher for cats handmade

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the scratch post. The cats love it and, most importantly, they have stopped scratching our wooden table! Also the white colour matches all of the furniture in our house. Thanks

Cat Ladder

This is a really nice looking ladder and after some hesitation my cat now uses it regularly to get to the high window sill. Excellent service, helpful hints from the seller – highly recommended!



We want to dedicate a little space to you too! The greatest satisfaction for us is to see your pets happy and relaxed with our products, knowing that we have created something that will help them live a cozier and easier life.


Cat shelf with bowls