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Amigurumi Cat Wool

Amigurumi Cats made of wool just arrived !!!!!!

Amigurumi is a Japanese word that literally means toys / crocheted dolls. For us it was love at first sight. Being true supporters of Made in Italy and Handmade we decided to support Vanessa’s work, a true artist. So these cute kittens landed in our shop.

Each product is unique and requires about an hour of work! Is made with a nice ball of acrylic wool, cotton wool to make the cat soft and finally security eyes.
You can choose the color you like, whether black, gray, orange or white and for other changes don’t hesitate to ask, sending un an email to
In case you need to wash them, you can do it by hand with cold water.

They are a great gift, they can be used as a key ring or decorative object.


– Height 7 cm
– Width 4.5 cm

Amigurumi Cat Wool

Amigurumi Cat Wool
Amigurumi Cat Wool

** WARNING: object not suitable for children under 6 years or animals, contains small parts that could be swallowed **

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